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Jane Daytime (1972)


(Tanrı’nın armağanı..)

Day time is not my time
I coudn’t see the night
Night time is the right time
Cause my eyes are blind
Sometimes you must hold me
To light the ways unknown
The hour of the darknest
I always have tears and cry
Tell those men, tell those body
To light the ways unknown

Going down the steps
Out of the door
She the light of around
Dark faces at every turn they have
All the blinds she grove in her life
Bring me down where hit walls
And I feel life will be the hell
She could say all they wounded
I have the mountain of hell..

This track is on the album “Together”
Bernd Pulst, Guitar/Vocals.
Klaus Hess, Guitar.
Werner Nadolny, Organ.
Charly Maucher, Bass.
Peter Panka, Drums.



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